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Offer #2

World Trade Center Portfolio #1 contains the four photograghs shown above. This portfolio was made in an edition of ten by me at home. 35mm TriX negatives were minimally cropped for that just right composition and printed on the finest German 11" x 14" glossy, double weight, fiber based, variable contrast photographic paper. Archival prossesing standards and16" x 20" acid free white matts guarrentee images that will remain steadfast for hundreds of years.
World Trade Center Portfolio #2 contains the five photograghs shown at right. The 35mm TriX negatives were printed full frame on rare British Ilford Ilfobrom 8 x 10 inch glossy DW fiber based paper that I've kept frozen since they stopped making it years ago. Portfolio #2 is also printed in an edition of of ten. 11" x 14" acid free white matts and archival prossesing standards add up to images that will remain the same for many generations.

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